Life in the Rain Zone

We’re back out on the R/V Sharp for the last of 6 cruises on the DeZoZoo project.  By this time, those of us who have been out here before feel like we’re sailing with old friends.  And it’s great to have a few new folks out here too!  This time out, we started the cruise with a long scanfish survey, one that started further north than we usually go.  We did this so we could find the fresh water signal of Topical Storms Irene and Lee in Chesapeake Bay.  Because the Bay’s watershed is so big, including portions of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York, these storms brought A LOT of rainwater down into the Bay. 

 So far, all is going well, aside from a few hiccups.  We’re happy to say that the satellite did not hit us.\13087-nasa-uars-satellite-falls-earth.html

This time out, we’re getting rained on some.  But we can’t complain too much since we’ve had such excellent weather on all of our previous cruises.

We’re at our South station now, trawling for zooplankton, fish and jellyfish using a variety of nets (MOCESS, Tucker Trawl and Midwater Trawl).  Our crew is out on deck now, working hard in a steady rain.  “Props” to the night watch!

The Sharp’s crew is great – as always!  Thanks to the cook for a delicious fish dinner tonight!

We’ll try to upload another post soon. The ship’s wireless internet is not working right now.  Maybe we’ll have better up at the North station.

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