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14 July 2010…The sweet smell of sulfide

We arrived at Station 858 this morning – a classic station on the east side of the channel just south of the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  Generations of scientists have occupied this beautiful site for sampling surveys and experiments.  You can … Continue reading

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13 July 2010…Newly sulfidic water

As water moves north in the bottom layer of the Chesapeake Bay it runs out of oxygen and then accumulates hydrogen sulfide from bacteria using sulfate respiration in the sediments and the water column.  Yesterday we found the sweet spot … Continue reading

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12 July 2010…Sub-oxia

Today we searched for “Sub-oxic” bottom water.  This is bottom water that has no detectable oxygen (and so is officially “anoxic”) but also has no detectable hydrogen sulfide.  We expect to find bacteria using a range of different respiratory metabolisms … Continue reading


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11 July 2010…Sulfide!!!

We began the day with a CTD cast at our main sampling station, which we are calling LIDZ-1.  We fired a niskin bottle just to check and found that the bottom water smelled strongly of hydrogen sulfide.  So we missed … Continue reading

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10 July 2010…Samples!

Daniel Lee and I got up at 0430 to look at the scanfish data.  Daniel processed the data with Seabird software, and plotted oxygen concentration and salinity using Surfer software.  Yesterday we scanfish-ed through the “hydraulic control point” south of … Continue reading

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9 July 2010…Scanfish day

We arrived on site just north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near where the main channel gets shallower to the north.  We deployed the Scanfish at 0800 and began towing to the south.  The Scanfish is a big yellow wing-like … Continue reading

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8 July 2010…LIDZ cruise Loading Day

After three day cruises to our main sampling site in the middle of Chesapeake Bay this summer, we are finally ready for a week long cruise to survey the Dead Zone from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the mouth of … Continue reading

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