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The ride home.

We are on our way back after another successful cruise, passing some fishing boats in the Choptank. Stay tuned for more results once we get unpacked and cleaned up.

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Science at dawn, in pictures.

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Some images from our morning. It’s difficult to keep a camera from fogging up, if it has been sitting in the air conditioned dry lab and is brought out on deck. However it can make for some fun photos effects … Continue reading

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A Friendly Visit

Today we had a nice visit from our friends that are working on the LiDZ project, as well as a few other visitors. It was a pleasant diversion from our standard operating procedure but it also meant we had to … Continue reading

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Au revoir mes Amis!

We had a nice visit today from some colleagues today. More on that after dinner. Steaks on the grill! Thanks Paul!

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Guest Post! Jessica! ECU Undergrad and Gelatinous Zooplankton Aficionado!

Hello all, just to introduce myself, my name is Jessica Snyder and I’m an undergrad at ECU and this is my first time on a research boat. The most exciting news I want to report first of all before I … Continue reading

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Dead and Stinky.

OK, not the most scientific title, but it certainly describes the deep water out here.  The low oxygen water extend the entire length of our transect, from the Bay Bridge all the way down to the Rappahannock Shoals (see figure). … Continue reading

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Fish folk: check!

After a quick 30 minute visit to Solomons MD to get our fisheries friends from CBL, we are on our way back to the Scanfish survey. Details to follow, but *spoiler alert* we aren’t seeing much oxygen…

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Departure night

We are ready to cast off lines for our second cruise this year. Updates to follow, but we should be sampling by dawn.

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