Hazards to research


Just when things were moving along swimmingly, the captain pulled the anchor so we could start our net tows and SURPRISE! Old gill nets and crab pots are tangled on the anchor. The crew have been trying to free it using boat hooks an other long handled implements, but it looks like they will have to put in the small boat. One concern of the captain’s is that we can’t just leave it for the next poor sailor to be waylaid. Our plankton will be there when this sorted out. Safety first of course.


About planktoneer

I'm a zooplankton ecologist who studies how individual behaviors and variability affect populations of copepods in marine and estuarine systems.
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1 Response to Hazards to research

  1. Ed C says:

    With all the illegal, abandoned and otherwise gill nets found, you wonder how many are really floating around out there…

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