It’s Alive!

We’re just passing the CBOS buoy which was installed last week. (Unfortunately, our internet connection is pretty slow, so I’m not providing links.  If you are reading this and interested, I encourage you to search for CBOS so you can see the live data stream from the buoy, including dissolved oxygen!). We had a quick stop at the Chesapeake Biological Lab this morning to get a part to revive our MOCNESS. This is an electronically controlled nets system that measures water quality parameters and allows us to sample various depths with a series of up to 10 nets.  Our system was having some electronic difficulties, and we’re still doing some diagnosing, but thanks to the kindness of other scientists and the manufacturer, we’re back in business! 

I’ll try to post some pictures soon, and we’ll try to dig up a guest commentator before the cruise is done.


About planktoneer

I'm a zooplankton ecologist who studies how individual behaviors and variability affect populations of copepods in marine and estuarine systems.
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